Here are the ongoing prayer request. You may add your prayer request, praise and thanks using the form on the Prayer Ministries page. Only names or general descriptions are used for the prayer requests.

Those who are grieving loss

O'Gradys, Dan Bhokeye, Ruth Bailey, Erica McRae, Kay Callum, Marlene, Patricia Arboleda and Madelyn Soto; the passing of SNEC Pastor Bracetti's wife Rosa, Serge Auguste, Pillip Milien.

Please remember those impacted by Hurricane Ian in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Ask for God’s presence and guidance today
Ask for the Holy Spirit to be pour out on us today
Ask God for a new heart to love others with love of God
God be with the youth, young people children in their lives
God help our families and marriages
God continue to draw our children to Himself
Glasglow family to find a new residence close to pubic transportation, for volunteers to help with moving; Thanksgiving travel, lonliness and loss during this time
Braintree church unity and hear God's voice; Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the churches, on our weekly lesson study and Wednesday night meeting; ask God to grow these meetings with participants and Holy Spirit will be present
Church leaders, Bob Folkenberg
children, youth and young adults
Susan - healing and recovery; 
DC - God presence and victory over smoking
Jacqueline Pokuua and Annette Flowers Nurses families killed at Dallas Methodist hospital 
Pray for wisdom for communication, conflict resolution, discernment to listen and speak with wisdom;
Nadine for help in her difficult time
Ray, Hannah B, Pr. Jean Baptiste, Agi, Rebecca and Ian; Summer struggling; Nicky health, Carine, Marilyn, Marlene mom; Luisa, Carla, Merci; Sherline M, Annie, Edwin, Serge Jacques - surgery recovery; Jackline family, Chris C., Joe o., Ankiza, Michelle, Patricia, Ice father; Terry Jr.; Joe v.; Robert t.; Seneca K; AM Demetri asthma healing; Pete Cancer; Rachel for guidance; Jamie Health; Marcus truth and understanding; Anna P. recovering from surgery/cancer; Cody; Kara with work; Mary Jo cardiac; Michael, Matthew Ostiguy, Brittany - addiction; William Ostiguy for healing and stop smoking; Rachel, Joe and Jack stop smoking; Michael O. daughter surgery recovery; Marie P and family;  Shanahan family; those with insomnia/sleeping; Hebert family health and recovery from surgery; Jh family child custody; marriages that are struggling - bring peace and love to marriages; Marlene Black hospital; Ed bil leg infection; Sharon Costa family passing of mom; friend with Cancer; Olivia with allergies; family conflict presence of God and peace; Kristen and husband for new home; Maziwas, Preston; Mag uber driver; single mother challenges; the poor, needy, sick and in prison; mental health; sick/ailing members; ministry of the Food Pantry beyond food, witness of Jesus and volunteers; God to be present in us - in our all activities; friend Demetrius in court; Praise Michele found safe; Stacy T recovery from flu; Kristine - homeless, help; God to continue to work in El Salvador after the mission trip;
Haiti unrest, Jamaica unrest; Nigeria flood, East Africa drought -suffering, death - rain and relief; Indonesia Earthquake;
loss of daughter; South Shore School planning process; God will work through the politics and Politicians