Sabbath School Ministry

Showing God's love through in-reach and out-reach


Sabbath School accomplishes the above theme through the activities of Bible Study, fellowship, outreach and mission.

The Braintree Church is working to establish the following Classes at this time. You will find our age groupings and study lesson links below:

               Currently Sabbath School begins at 10am in 2022 but will start in Jan 2023 9:30 a.m.

Beginners ( ages 0-5) Parents with their children, meeting in the lower classroom in the rear of the building

Primary  (ages 6-9) Classroom off the front Foyer of the Church

Junior/Teen (ages 10-15) Fellowship Hall lower level

Youth (ages 16-18) currently in Fellowship Hall

Young Adults (ages 19-25) meeting area to be determined...


Lesson review for the week 




Young Adult