News and Updates

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Please look at the online Calendar for future events and here for SNEC Events online


General Announcements

  • Starting this Sabbath, Elder's Bible Study will be starting about 30 minutes after Divine Worship Service ends instead of the original time of 3:00pm. Drinks and snacks will be provided, but we also ask participants to bring their light lunch if possible. The study will still be for an hour and we encourage everyone to participate.
  • There is Prayer Service every Sabbath here at the Sanctuary one before Sabbath School at 9:00 am and the second one 15 minutes after the Divine worship service concludes.
  • Weekly Reading (Story Time age 3-5 yrs) Program on every Thursday 10:00 am – 10:45 am in the Upper classroom. Please contact JoAnn Jackson if you are interested in helping or attending. Feel free after worship service to take a look at the class on the rear door.

  • Please remember, there is to be no eating or drinking food in classrooms. You may bring your children to the fellowship hall for their snacks and eating. There will be a tables set up for this purpose. 


Upcoming Events

  • You are all invited to join the Personal Ministries right after Divine worship as they go out to the community every Sabbath through October.

  • There is Sunday Reset - a 5K walk every Sunday starting at 7am sharp, the meeting place is at our Church parking lot. For more information you can see sister Nadia.

  • You are invited to a special prayer meeting for "Impact Boston 2025", every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, at 4:45AM. The meeting info is here below;

  • Sunday, July 21 Family Ministry is hosting a Family Swap Cookout at 12:00 p.m., located at Pope John Paul II Park, Hallet Street, Boston. Please see Soane and Wold Monestime for more details.

  • Sunday, July 28 Health Ministry is hosting a Bi-monthly Brunch from 10am-1pm, discussing a holistic approach to health. 

  • Sunday, July 28 Pathfinders will be hosting an International Food Fair from 4:00-7:00pm as a Camporee Fundraiser.



  • Communion Dates ;

    • August 24th

    • December 21st

  • We are asking members to prayerfully consider donating to the Food Pantry each month. The Pantry is a donor sponsored ministry and we need the funds to keep running each week.

  • The South Shore Regional Adventist School Board is asking the Braintree SDA Church to join together for the next few months and pray for the student or students that God will send to our school.  We have an empty Desk in a foyer on your right as you walk in to the Sanctuary. God has great plans for our school! We are ready and willing to accept His bounty, but we are asking that as Christian community join us and be unified in this simple prayer.

Church Ministry Updates and Needs


Braintree SDA Text Service

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Prayer Line

Join us for Morning Prayer, Monday - Friday 5:30 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. using the call service #712-775-8968, meeting code 466242.


Mid - Week Church Meetings

Our group Prayer Meeting is on Wednesday evening via the Church Zoom beginning at 7:00 p.m. 

Meeting id: 988 573 545 - Passcode: 250250


--If you want to share a prayer request , praise and thanks, go on the Prayer Ministry page by filling out an online form on bottom of that page or click Here

You may also send an email, call or text message Sis. Princess, the Elders or the Pastor.


Construction Renovation Project Loan

Please remember the Braintree Construction Renovation Project Loan. We need your support to pay down this church loan asap to avoid paying thousands dollars in interest needlessly. All current donations given to the CRP fund will be used to pay for this loan. 


Church Budget

Prayerfully consider supporting the Braintree Church through giving to the Church Budget. From this fund, all the local ministries and expenses are supported. When we all give consistently, then the church can make ministry plans. Please pray about your role in this important part of church mission.



Club meetings will  will be 1st and 3rd Sabbath every month at 4:00 p.m., please contact the Director Kae Cumberbatch

Food Pantry

  • Please contact Kae or Cavour Cumberbatch if you would like to volunteer on Monday or Tuesdays 4-7 p.m.
  • Please prayerfully consider giving to the Food Pantry Ministry. As supply of food is decreasing, the cost of supplementing with purchased food is increasing from the Food Pantry Ministry budget. You can designate your donation on the tithe/offering as Food Pantry or 'Food Pantry' entry.
  • Also, the truck that is being used for Deliveries of food to the Braintree Church had a repair. Please see Kae if you are interested in giving to offset the cost to the Food Pantry budget.


Adventist Screening Verification

For all our church volunteers please sign in to Check Your Status or click below the image below.

If your status is Past Due or Approaching, please complete the training and the background screening. If you have any questions, please reach out to our ASV Coordinator, Myrlande.



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Kiddies Room

Parents. The lower classroom, (left of stairs at rear of church building) is available for parents with small children during the Divine Worship Service. A TV has been setup in this classroom so parents can follow the service while supervising their children. Please remember this is parent supervised. No attended children in room.

*Please remember, there is to be no eating or drinking food in the classrooms. You may bring your children to the fellowship hall for their snacks and eating. There will be a tables set up for this purpose.*


Sabbath School Locations

Upper Floor Classroom

  - Junior/Teens

Main Floor

  - Adults

  - Primary - the room off the lobby

Lower Level Classroom


Beginners Sabbath School Class is for ages 0-5 and at begins at 10:30 a.m. We ask that at least one parent be present to help. Beginners in lower classroom left of stairs at rear of church building.

Youth (AY)

Please contact Fabiola for information or see the AY upcoming events page