Sabbath Divine Worship Program Bulletin simple view

September 30, 2023   11:00 am    
Announcements(click for News and Updates page)   Elder Dan Bhokeye
Welcome    Elder Dan Bhokeye
Call to Worship    Elder Dan Bhokeye
Prelude to Prayer: “Lead Me Lord” Hymn #691 Congregation
Opening Prayer   Elder Dan Bhokeye
Opening Song:  “Happy the Home” 

Hymn #655

Scripture Reading 

 Matthew 19:6

Children's Story and Offering   The Castels
Prelude to Prayer: As We Come to You in Prayer Hymn #671 Congregation
Intercessory Prayer    Serge Auguste
Response to Prayer:  Almighty Father Hymn #693 Congregation
Offering : “Local Church Budget" Weekly  Elder Dan Bhokeye
Response : "We Give Thee But Thine Own" Hymn #670 Congregation
Special Music - “ ”   Kae Cumberbatch
Sermon : "Families Together at the Cross "


Led by The Bennetts 
Recommittal Service   Congregation
Closing Song: ”Love at Home"  Hymn #652 Congregation
Benediction   The Bennetts