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Worship Service Podium Schedule 2017

Worship Service Podium Schedule 2017

DateKings Business, Invocation, OfferingsScripturePrayer
7/01 Patrice Jean-Baptiste Dave Bailey Chris Godfrey
7/08 Dave Bailey Matthew Auguste Jim Hansbury
7/15 Chris Godfrey Ashley Henry-Saturne Phillipe Millien
7/22 Serge Auguste Gail Guidice Grace Guidice
7/29 Patrice Jean-Baptiste Teddie Berridge Velma Hamilton
8/05 Dave Bailey Olivia Owusu Elisabeth Glasgow
8/12 Chris Godfrey Donnette Glasgow Roosevelt Langlois
8/19 Serge Auguste Melissa Mars Myrlande Pamphile
8/26 Patrice Jean-Baptiste Liz Bonneau Terrence Bonneau
9/02 Dave Bailey Kathleen Johnstone Ice Edgula
9/09 Chris Godfrey Fabiola Hyppolite Ruth Bailey
9/16 Serge Auguste Dany Jerome Lucarme Millien
9/30 Patrice Jean-Baptiste Chris Godfrey Jr. Kay Callam
10/07 Dave Bailey Jovian Bellegarde Jim Hansbury
10/14 Chris Godfrey Tyler O’Geare Andrew O’Geare
10/21 Serge Auguste Dino Giampa Debbie Ostiguy
10/28 Patrice Jean-Baptiste Melissa Theodore Nathalie Ais
11/04 Chris Godfrey Shay Glasgow Margarette Jolicoeur
11/11 Serge Auguste Ricardo Bellegrade Linvelle Morton
11/18 Patrice Jean-Baptiste Soyon Park Seneca King
11/25 Dave Bailey Darnelle Stinfort Esther Chandler
12/02 Chris Godfrey Joel Flavius Jessica Flavius
12/09 Serge Auguste Ankiza Bhokeye Jim Hansbury
12/16 Patrice Jean-Baptiste Sten Tchouanguem Jelly Flores
12/23 Dave Bailey Vicky Hansbury Dolly Giampa
12/30 Chris Godfrey Cavour Cumberbatch Claudeline Chery

Always remember:

  1. Start church service at 11:00 AM, even if Pastor Brace has not arrived yet.
  2. Hymns of gathering are 2 verses of 2 hymns for time sake.
  3. Set a reverend and thoughtful tone with your words and actions.

Thank you again for all your help. If you have any questions or problems, please call me at 508-243-1707

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