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To understand the founding of the Braintree Seventh-day Adventist Church one has to consider the man God inspired to be an example to those he ministered to about “the Gospel of One Church, One Family, One Community”. For forty years, Pastor Bill Brace made it his mission to share the story of Grace, Righteousness by Faith, and the Redemptive Love. …

1976/1977- Bill Brace begins reading the book Testimonies to the Church. After a year, Bill made it to Volume 9 and those passages made him feel God calling him to ministry, more specifically to begin planting churches in and around Boston.

Pastor Brace began as an Associate Pastor in Providence, RI. Later he moved on to Connecticut to serve as lead Pastor for two and a half years. During this time, the burden for working in Boston was still on his heart. In God’s timing he was sent to Sterling, MA, just an hour drive west of Boston, just after being ordained in the Southern New England Conference.

His ministry in Central Massachusetts lasted four years and ultimately served as the catalyst to begin his ministry in the Boston area. Another divine opportunity presented itself, through the generosity of two donors, and they were able to subsidize his salary and continue doing the work to further the Gospel in the Boston area. For several years it was a ministry of “financial faith.” …

Fast forward to beginning on July 1, 1983, Bill's ministry took him now to just 15 minutes outside of Boston, to Waltham where he (felt impressed, as a former native of Canada, to begin working with a large group of French Canadians who resided there) began the work of ministering and sharing more about Christ’s love. At the end of the year, 1 person converted and was baptized. At the conclusion of his Waltham ministry a congregation was established, comprised of several scores of individuals.

In 1985, Tennessee Bible workers Steve and Alberta Cook, along with Alberta's mother, began to give Bible study incorporating the health message. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Brace worked with the Cooks, now just south of Boston in Quincy, MA and the Gospel began to spread.

They sent informational mailings, invitations, and word of mouth for Bible study. By 1987 there were about half a dozen that gathered for Sabbath worship and Wednesday night prayer meeting. This same small group decided to step out on faith and began to look for a church to rent to hold services in a concrete location in anticipation of growing membership.

It was this Quincy group that found a Lutheran church for rent on Robert Street. They approached the Pastor and two board members about renting for Saturday worship and Wednesday gatherings. Pastor Brace recalls that the group knew they had no viable funding to rent the space, but the Lutheran Pastor simply asked how much they might be able to afford. I said, "something like $300, which in those days they could have rented the place for at least $1000”. The Lutheran Pastor and two board members in attendance replied simply saying, "pay us whatever you can."

**Faith Note/ Testimony from Pastor Brace: One of the board members, one Sabbath morning, approached me and shared why she had encouraged her pastor to allow us to rent the church. He recalls” she said, you know I once knew a Seventh-day Adventist at the Quincy Hospital about 40 years ago. He was a doctor who was doing his residency and he was kind to all the nurses and patients he encountered. That would have been around the 1940's”. I asked if she remembered the Doctor's name and she said that she did, his name was Edgar Latimer. I shared with her that that man became my father-in law”. Dr. Latimer had sowed seeds forty years prior to Pastor Brace’s coming to Boston!

After four years at the Lutheran Church on Robert Street, there were now up to about forty members that had been baptized into the congregation. They then decided to search for a worship location they could call their own, leading them to Braintree a few minutes drive from Quincy. In Braintree, Pastor Brace approached a Christian Science Church located on Washington Street to see if there was any interest in selling. At the time, they were not at all interested, but two years later, as God’s perfect timing would have it, that same church would end up calling Pastor Brace and offer to sell for $200,000.

By 1991 the Washington Street location grew to about 75 members. Shortly thereafter, the South Shore Seventh-day Adventist School (SSSDAS) was established to support growing Adventist families. SSSDAS is a ministry Pastor Brace has had a continued burden for to educate young people, from a God-centered perspective, and above of all things, develop within them Christlike character and conduct through training for the next generation of ministry leadership.

A seed that was planted over 40 years ago in the heart of Pastor Brace in Connecticut was cast to the wind to the southern shores of Massachusetts, where it germinated and grew into a congregation of nearly 200. Choosing to take up the call, the Brace family has been rooted in the love of God and has worked to help win souls for his return.

Today, if you arrive at 250 Washington Street in Braintree, MA you will find that the group maintains its growth and is still guided by the Holy Spirit to minister and to make disciples of all willing people. They work by communicating, via Biblical word and deeds, the everlasting gospel of Christ our Lord in the context of the Three Angels’ messages of Revelation 14:6-12, ultimately helping to lead people to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior from sin. This is in a continuous effort to unite God’s Remnant Church which, in turn, prepares individuals for our Lord’s soon return.

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