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The Personal Ministries Committee was established as a major setting for soul winning activities in the church. It exists to teach and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in response to the command of Jesus, in the context of the three angels’ messages.

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Bible Work Ministry engages our members in one-on-one soul winning and Bible studies. The members of this ministry are diverse in age and gender and are driven by a united passion for spreading the gospel and winning souls to Jesus.


Youth Ministry: We are all about connecting high school and college students with God. We seek to do this through Bible study and prayer groups, outreach events, and social activities. Feeling bored with church or religion? Get involved in our youth ministry and you will start to have fun following Jesus – guaranteed!

Our Prayer Ministry is comprised of teams of individuals willing to commit themselves to the all-important task of praying for others. Our prayer teams meet for prayer and an opportunity to delve further into the Bible to discover key ingredients to a successful and more powerful prayer life. If you wish to join our growing prayer team please contact us.

  • Lucarme Millien
  • Kay Callam
  • Danny Gerome

Our next fasting day is May 27, 2017. It starts in Friday at sunset, and ends at sunset the next day.  We will spend the entire day at the church in songs, prayers, then we will eat bread and soups. Join us for a blessing day.

The Braintree Youth will celebrate Global Youth Service Day on March 18. They have a week prayer on March 18-25.

Jesus told a story about a man in the street that needed help.
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Health Ministries is concerned with the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of the church and neighborhood community. To make a lasting difference we host vegetarian cooking classes, offer seminars on disease prevention, conduct health fairs, and provide other health-related events throughout the year for all to benefit from and enjoy.




It probably goes without saying—the world is experiencing severe turmoil. A GLOBAL PANDEMIC. ECONOMIC CRISIS. RUMORS OF WARS. It seems like everything is about to change—and, right now, you are probably wondering "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?"

—Doug Batchelor



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Our Men’s Ministry meets every second Sabbath of the month. Our goal is to meet the spiritual needs of the men in the church through prayer and fellowship. We help men realize their spiritual gifts through Bible study and challenge them to understand the need for being great spiritual role models and witnesses for Christ.

Our Music Ministry department provides musical support for all worship services and church events, as well as coordinates and hosts special concerts to share the everlasting gospel through wholesome, high-quality Christian music.


Discover the incredible mysteries of the final frontier—right from your own backyard. Your telescope becomes a portal through which you encounter amazing and wonderful things designed by a Creator who is even bigger than the vastness of His creation.

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“There is a higher purpose for women, a grander destiny. She should develop and cultivate her powers, for God can employ [her] in the great work of saving souls.” (Evangelism, p. 465)

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If you’re a college student or young adult between the ages of 18 and 30 you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to be a family for young adults and help them grow in their relationship with God. Join us for weekly fellowship opportunities such as Friday night vespers, Saturday night game nights, regular recreational activities like white-water rafting, ski trips, hiking outings, etc., and frequent outreach opportunities like street ministry and much more.

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